March 28, 2024 Two top performers promoted to senior manager positions

Corporate Traffic Logistics is thrilled to announce the promotions of Juan Fajardo and Colby Peters to the position of Senior Managers, Operation & Logistics Solutions. In their new positions, Juan and Colby will each lead a new team of sales and operations employees at Corporate Traffic.  

Their journeys to becoming Senior Managers at CT serve as an inspiring testament to the power of perseverance, teamwork, and personal growth in the logistics industry. Join us as we delve into their insights, experiences, and perspectives, offering valuable lessons for professionals aspiring to make their mark in the dynamic world of logistics. 

Q: How long were you with CT before being promoted to Senior Manager? 

Colby: 4.5 years 
Juan: 6 years  

Q: How does receiving this promotion make you feel, and what does it mean to you personally and professionally? 

Colby: It was a great feeling that the hard work paid off, and it means a lot to feel like everything leading up to this point was worth it. 
Juan: It feels very rewarding after spending the last 6 years working for this promotion. It feels like I’m on pace with my personal goals and a challenge at the same time in my professional career. 

Q: How do you intend to foster team development and cohesion within your new team? 

Colby: I want to be extremely involved so that I know where I can help whenever it’s needed without needing any kind of “catch up” on what is happening with the account. I think it relays a good message to customers to have the feeling of multiple people caring. 
Juan: Having a clear understanding of our goals and expectations to ensure everyone stays on the same page throughout the month. These goals are reviewed weekly to indicate where we stand at that certain time and that determines what needs to be done for the remainder of the month. 

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working for CT? 

Colby: I enjoy the environment that allows me to be myself and the people I work with. 
Juan: The small company feeling but with big company goals. 

Q: How has the support and collaboration from your colleagues and superiors impacted your professional journey? 

Colby: The support has been what I have leaned on throughout my time at CT and is definitely a major reason why I feel ready to take on this next chapter. 
Juan: It’s given me the ambition to work hard for my goals which ultimately rewarded me with a promotion and a new opportunity to advance my career. 

Q: How has your experience as an athlete prepared you for this position? 

Colby: Dealing with the hard times and continuing to trust the process goes hand in hand when you are playing sports and persevering through. 
Juan: It’s given me the competitive charisma to push hard for my goals and truthfully be better than everyone else. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to break into a logistics career? 

Colby: Embrace the grind and hecticness. Once the break happens, it is all worth it. 
Juan: Clear communication with the customers will lead you to more business opportunities. 

In conclusion, the stories of Colby and Juan serve as compelling reminders of the essential qualities needed to thrive in the logistics industry: dedication, teamwork, and perseverance. Both of their experiences offer valuable insights for aspiring professionals navigating their own career paths. Ultimately, their journeys illuminate the rewarding outcomes achievable through hard work and a commitment to personal and professional growth. 

Join us in congratulating Colby and Juan on their well-deserved promotions! We are confident that they will be great team leaders and accomplish their goals as Senior Managers here at Corporate Traffic.