Corporate Traffic Logistics, a long-time supporter of the University of North Florida, recently announced the first recipients of the inaugural Corporate Traffic Logistics UNF Student-Athlete Scholarship, recognizing four deserving student-athletes pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the Coggin College of Business. 

In this blog, get to know one of the recipients, Michaela Rezentes. 

University: University of North Florida 

Sport: Women’s Beach Volleyball 

Year: Junior 

Major: Marketing  

Hometown: Martinez, California 

Tell us about your journey in sports. How did you first get involved, and what has kept you passionate about it? 

I have been involved in sports my entire life. I learned how to dribble a basketball when I was 3 years old and played all the way up until my sophomore year of high school. But I started indoor volleyball when I was about 13 years old, while starting beach volleyball in the middle of high school. I have always loved sports and I always will. I am passionate because of the way sports have always challenged me mentally and physically. And even better the amazing communities of people it has connected me with.    

What’s your favorite thing about your sport? Why? 

My favorite thing about beach volleyball is the individuality. The way you must execute every part of the game since there are only two of us on the court. I love having to do everything and how much I get to touch the ball. 

Why did you decide to play at UNF? 

I transferred to UNF because of the amazing career opportunities and the supportive coaching staff. 

How has being a part of your university’s community impacted your overall college experience? 

This community has been so supportive and encouraging and made my last two years of college athletics a truly fun and positive experience. 

What’s your favorite sports memory or achievement so far? 

My favorite sports memory is when we beat Stetson, Pepperdine, and FGCU at a home tournament last season. It was great beating good teams, but the competitive and fun atmosphere just reminded me what beach volleyball is all about. 

In what ways do you see your scholarship impacting your personal and professional growth? 

This scholarship has alleviated some financial stress allowing me to focus on volleyball and school. This scholarship allows me to have more freedom in pursuing my professional career with less loans.   

What are your aspirations after completing your education and athletic career at UNF? 

I hope to have a successful career in marketing either in the beverage industry, or sports.   

If you could offer advice to other aspiring student athletes, what would it be? 

Stay organized with time management, do the little things right, and enjoy the ride because it’s over before you know it.