Corporate Traffic Logistics, a long-time supporter of the University of North Florida, recently announced the first recipients of the inaugural Corporate Traffic Logistics UNF Student-Athlete Scholarship, recognizing four deserving student-athletes pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the Coggin College of Business. 

In this blog, get to know one of the recipients, Brialyn Anderson.  

University: University of North Florida 

Sport: Women’s Soccer 

Year: Sophomore 

Major: Marketing  

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida 

Tell us about your journey in sports. How did you first get involved, and what has kept you passionate about it? 

I started playing soccer when I was around 4 years old. My two older sisters were already playing soccer, so it was natural for me to play as well. I continued to play soccer my whole life and my passion for the sport only grew as I cultivated some of my most meaningful friendships along the way. 

What’s your favorite thing about your sport? Why? 

My favorite thing about soccer is that it is a team sport. I love the camaraderie that it brings, and being a part of a group of girls is a blessing in my life. 

Why did you decide to play at UNF? 

I am from Jacksonville, so being close to family was a huge factor for me. My older sister is also on the UNF women’s soccer team and that drew me to UNF. The environment here was perfect for me and the coaching staff is incredible.   

How has being a part of your university’s community impacted your overall college experience? 

My experience engaging in UNF’s community really allowed me to grow as a person. I have engaged in more activities and events in Jacksonville than I ever have before. It has opened so many doors for me and has allowed me to have amazing opportunities in my life and career.   

What’s your favorite sports memory or achievement so far? 

My favorite sports memory has been playing at a high level of soccer in my hometown in front of friends and family. 

Are there any campus activities or organizations you’re involved in outside of sports and academics?  

I am a part of the Honors in Marketing program which has allowed me to consult on projects with many different marketing companies in Jacksonville.   

In what ways do you see your scholarship impacting your personal and professional growth? 

This scholarship will allow me to focus more on soccer and school instead of having to work alongside them. I can put all my attention into my career opportunities and really grow as a person, student, and student-athlete.   

What are your aspirations after completing your education and athletic career at UNF? 

My goal is to work as a medical sales representative or any other high-level marketing job.   

If you could offer advice to other aspiring student athletes, what would it be? 

My advice would be to love what you do and take pride in the sacrifices that you make to reach your goals, but to also not take yourself too seriously. At the end of the day, the sport you play is just a game and does not define who you are.