Corporate Traffic Logistics, a long-time supporter of the University of North Florida, recently announced the first recipients of the inaugural Corporate Traffic Logistics UNF Student-Athlete Scholarship, recognizing four deserving student-athletes pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the Coggin College of Business. 

In this blog, get to know one of the recipients, Alejandro Ramos.  

University: University of North Florida 

Sport: Men’s Golf 

Year: Senior 

Major: Transportation and Logistics  

Hometown: Lima, Peru 

Tell us about your journey in sports. How did you first get involved, and what has kept you passionate about it? 

My journey in sports began at the young age of 3, when I took my first swings on the golf course. The allure of the sport captured my young heart, and for the next five years, I immersed myself in the world of golf. However, at the age of 8, I temporarily set aside my golf clubs and started sailing optimist. I sailed for 4 years and represented my country in my last two years. But somehow, I decided to come back to golf and fell in love with it again after not touching a golf club in 5 years. Coming back to golf allowed me to represent my country once again on multiple occasions.   

My passion for sports goes beyond playing; it’s fueled by the constant competition against myself and others. The drive for improvement, the bonds formed with teammates and fellow athletes, and the privilege of representing my country amplify the significance of the journey. It’s not just about personal achievement; it’s a shared experience, a celebration of camaraderie, and a chance to embody national pride on the global stage. 

What’s your favorite thing about your sport? Why? 

What I like the most about Golf is how it teaches me to stay in the moment, don’t try to be looking back or to get greedy for what’s next, but to focus on what I can control in the moment and do my best. 

Why did you decide to play at UNF? 

I decided to play at UNF since it has a very competitive golf and business program. 

How has being a part of your university’s community impacted your overall college experience? 

Being part of the university community has profoundly enriched my overall college experience in various ways. On a personal level it has provided me with a sense of belonging in a foreign country, the friendships I made inside the community both inside athletics and the broader university setting have been essential to making my transition smoother.   

What’s your favorite sports memory or achievement so far? 

When I won the Junior South American Championship. Tournament that allowed me to be here at UNF and allowed me to be the person that I am now.   

In what ways do you see your scholarship impacting your personal and professional growth? 

Thanks to the scholarship I can focus more on my academics and practices to give my best performance on both.   

What are your aspirations after completing your education and athletic career at UNF? 

After completing my education and athletic career I aspire to secure a job in the US. 

If you could offer advice to other aspiring student-athletes, what would it be? 

Have a balance between studies and your sport, prioritize time management, and a good schedule. Take advantage of the opportunities by trying to get the most out of them. Enjoy the journey, time flies.