February 22, 2024 Corporate Traffic sponsors and participates in the 2024 Breast Cancer Marathon

At Corporate Traffic, we believe in fostering a healthy work environment that goes beyond the confines of the office walls. This commitment was on full display during the recent Donna Marathon Weekend, where ten of our dedicated employees laced up their running shoes and took part in the marathon or half marathon, showcasing their commitment to physical fitness, camaraderie, and giving back in a meaningful way. 

This year, we were proud to be a corporate sponsor of the run. Donna Marathon Weekend, known for its scenic route along Jacksonville Beach and dedication to breast cancer awareness, provided the perfect platform for our employees to come together for something bigger. Whether conquering the full marathon or opting for the half marathon, our team members crossed the finish line with pride, embodying the perseverance and resilience that define Corporate Traffic. 

Our company’s vibrant running club, aptly named the CT Run Club, played a pivotal role in motivating and uniting our team members. The club has become a close-knit community within our organization, where members encourage each other, share training tips, and celebrate milestones.  

Throughout the year, the CT Run Club actively participates in various charity runs throughout the Jacksonville area. This not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also allows our employees to give back to the community. Thanks to the generous support of Corporate Traffic, most entrance fees for these events are covered, further encouraging our team to participate and make a positive impact beyond the workplace. 

Participation in events like the Donna Marathon Weekend reflects our commitment to employee well-being and community engagement. It’s not just about achieving personal fitness goals; it’s about doing it together as a team, supporting each other every step of the way. As we continue to champion a culture of health and community spirit, we look forward to more opportunities for our employees to come together, break a sweat, and make a positive impact both within and beyond the workplace.