May 10, 2024 5 Reasons Why People Are Moving to Jacksonville

Serving as the corporate headquarters for Corporate Traffic since 1992, Jacksonville is our home.  As we continue to grow, so does our hometown. In fact, Jacksonville and the surrounding area have been recognized as one of the fastest-growing and best places in the country to live. Now that the secret is out, we thought we would share some of the reasons we love Jax!

Economic Opportunities

Jacksonville is a thriving hub for various industries, including financial services, healthcare, education, insurance, and technology. The city also has three military bases, providing ample career opportunities. The city’s job market is bolstered by a growing startup scene and supportive business climate, making it an attractive destination for both young professionals and experienced leaders.

Jacksonville has also been dubbed ‘America’s Logistics Center’, with major rail, air, maritime, and highway infrastructure that some of the nation’s largest companies rely upon daily to move their goods.

Outdoor Activities

With 1,100 miles of navigable beaches and waterways, Jacksonville has more shoreline than any other city in the nation. Just a few minutes from our office is the St. John’s River – one of the only rivers in the US to flow north! There are over 50 public boat ramps with many restaurants that have waterfront views. Jacksonville also has 22 miles of beaches from Jacksonville Beach to Mayport, where people can find a variety of water activities to do. The city also boasts the largest urban park system in the US, offering over 80,000 acres of parks for hiking, camping and picnicking. There is no shortage of outdoor activities to keep residents engaged with nature!

Cultural Vibrancy, Sports and Entertainment

Jacksonville’s cultural scene is rich and varied with numerous festivals, art galleries, museums, and music scenes. The city is home to over a dozen museums filled with interactive exhibits and world-class art. We also have classical performances by the Jacksonville Symphony, the annual Jacksonville Jazz Festival, and the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall located across the street from the beach. Sports fans can enjoy the excitement of NFL games with the Jacksonville Jaguars (DUUUVAL!), minor league baseball, hockey, and arena football, as well as the annual college football game between the Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs. 

Educational Opportunities

Families and students can benefit from the many education opportunities in Duval County, home to many highly rated public schools to prestigious universities. With over 200 schools from preschool through high school, students have the option to take Advanced Placement (AP) coursework, participate in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program or the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) from Cambridge. The University of Florida and Jacksonville University also enhance the educational fabric of the city but also contribute to the local economy and vibrancy of the community.

Affordable Cost of Living

Lastly, one of the most appealing aspects of Jacksonville is its affordability. Compared to other major cities in Florida such as Miami, Orlando, and Tampa – Jacksonville offers a significantly lower cost of living. Housing remains affordable with a median home price that is below the national average, allowing residents to buy or rent based on their circumstances.

There are dozens more reasons Jacksonville is a special place to live and work and we are poised to contribute to the reputation of the region as a logistics hotbed. Be part of the team as we grow. Learn about career opportunities in our Jacksonville office at